Julian Cope - St. Julian Demos (1985)
Artist Julian Cope
Length 66:05
Genre Rock/Pop
Format Files
Packaging FLAC
Purchased ROIO
ROIO Source Soundboard
Vocals Julian Cope
Track List
01 St. Julian 02:43
02 Hey! 03:16
03 Umpteenth Unnatural Blues 02:44
04 Tape Loop 1 03:50
05 Tape Loop 2 03:50
06 World Shut Your Mouth 03:00
07 SPQR 02:42
08 Almost Beautiful Child I & II 05:19
09 I Need Somebody 02:30
10 Screaming Secrets 05:00
11 Mock Turtle 03:21
12 Untitled Instrumental 01:56
13 Untitled (Instead of You) 01:57
14 Untitled Theme I (Prince Varmint) 02:21
15 Untitled Theme II (Prince Varmint) 00:47
16 Untitled Theme III (Prince Varmint) 02:08
17 Warwick the Kingmaker 02:28
18 Until You Get Next To Me 04:17
19 I'm Not Losing Sleep 04:36
20 Easter Everywhere 02:28
21 Charlotte Anne 04:52
Collector Item No
It gives me great pleasure to liberate this bootleg. Tracks 1 to 17 date from 1985, the year when Julian parted company with Mercury records. Some or all of these may well be demos from the Abbattoir Sessions, recorded at UB40s studios in a converted abattoir, engineerd by Fazely Street Motors. Of the songs demoed here, some ended up on St Julian or were used as B'sides, some were re-demoed when IRS records showed interest, prior to Cope signing to Island in March 1986. According to www.trampolene.ca Track 2 is listed as Hey (We Part Company), Track 12 "Lawman" & Tracks 14,15 & 16 as "Untitled Theme I", "Untitled Them II" etc...

Tracks 18-21, are demos for the underrated/over-produced farewell to the 80's that was My Nation Underground. Track 18 is listed as "Until You Get Next To Me (Torch)" according to www.trampolene.ca.

Obviously the original source for this disk was probably tapes (Julian's home & studio demos), so t's hissy, but it's only really noticable on the intros & quiet bits. How many generations down the line, I don't know. I've left it 'as is' and resisted the urge to attempt any sort of remastering. I do have the technology to do things like hiss-removal etc.. but the reality of this is that you do lose other parts of the audio you don't want to lose, so I'd prefer to present it 'warts and all'. Enjoy.

Julian Cope - The St Julian / My Nation Underground Demos

St Julian Demos - 1985
01. St.Julian
02. Hey!
03. Umpteenth Unnatural Blues
04. Tape Loop 1
05. Tape Loop 2
06. World Shut Your Mouth
07. SPQR
08. Almost Beautiful Child I & II
09. I Need Somebody
10. Screaming Secrets
11. Mock Turtle
12. Untitled Instrumental
13. Untitled (Instead of You)
14. Untitled theme I (Prince Varmint)
15. Untitled theme II (Prince Varmint)
16. Untitled theme III (Prince Varmint)
17. Warwick the Kingmaker
My Nation Underground Demos - 1987
18. Until You Get Next To Me
19. I'm Not Losing Sleep
20. Easter Everywhere
21. Charlotte Anne

When I acquired it, it did have a cover but that's totally rubbish so I won't insult you with that! (plus I don't have a scanner so I can't anyway!). If anyone gets one together, please post a link to it in the comments

Nothing here's been officially released.